Group Therapy

Group therapy can be supportive on its own or in conjunction with individual therapy.

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. -Maya Angelou


Current Offerings

So-Called “Codependency” Group

This 6 week group will delve into the many subjective definitions,
societal messages and “shoulds” of how to do relationships in a way that is deemed “healthy” relational being, through a non-pathologizing and curious lens. Emphasis will be placed on creating a supportive space for participants to explore their values and
preferred ways of being in various relationships.

6-week closed group beginning Tuesday October 12th, 2021. Cost for all six weeks: $300.

For more information please email: and/or

Facilitated by Bree Erin Herzog AMFT 125501 & Caitlin Kwan AMFT 19468, both supervised by Lynne V Rosen, LCSW, LCS 19324

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